Why You Should Skip Those Meetings


Just read a great article by Geoffrey James over at Inc. com with a few really good ideas
on how to “fix” the meeting problem.

It was a good articke, However…

As most of you know, I Loathe meetings. Almost ALL meetings.
I consider them the #1 loss of productivity in the business world, other than playing on the internet,
taking part in an office romance (or two) during office hours, or celebrating some birthday (or Happy Friday)
with grazing buffets set out all day long. But I digress.

99.9% of meetings are an absolute wastes of time (and energy), so whenever someone comes up
with good viable solutions for accomplishing their intent without having to attend one, I am ALL ears.

This article from #Inc has some pretty good ideas, but I think I could go one better.

Just have everyone do a short audio update and throw it up on google drive in a dated folder located within the project folder.

Now if everyone just spends 10 minutes (or less) writing down (not what to say) where they are in the project
or in their timeline of the project then audio the major points, “Voila”!! we have lift off
and it took very little time and everyone could get back to the other time wasting things they were enjoying
before they were rudely interrupted by work….just sayin


by Kymmberly Gail
The Master of Main Street


image courtesy of Inc.com

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