Still Think Your Small Business Doesn’t Need Social Media Marketing?


Still think your small business doesn’t need to use social media marketing to find customers?
Here are just a few reasons why you may want to rethink that belief and even change it.
Social Media Revolution –

Stats from Video: 1.Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30-years-old 2.96% of them have joined a social network 3.Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the US 4.Social Media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the Web 5.1 out of 8 c…


Why Social Media Matters More Than Ever | SCORE Small Business 


A new study by Mass Relevance, reported in ClickZ, shows that more than half (59 percent) of customers prefer to do business with companies that integrate social media into their websites.  Today, if your company doesn’t have a website, prospective customers are likely to feel somewhat suspicious. “Is this a REAL business?” they’ll wonder. “Why can’t I find them online?” In the same way, participation in social media is becoming a marker of a business’s credibility.


What Five Experts have to Say About Measuring Social Media 


On the one hand, stakeholders need to know what they are getting out of social media, but on the other, we can’t allow either the analysts or the critics to mislead our clients, because at the very least, it makes everyone’s job harder and  what the right mix and story is for creating maximum value from that individual. Finding ways to do this is a much better way to determine the value of the social component in the larger messaging mix. Social media misconceptions 


Your customers ARE online and so is your competition….
what do you think is happening with that scenario?
Your competition is walking circles around you and it’s
time you and your business join the real world and get connected too

Your small business Needs social media marketing
to find customers and it needed it yesterday.

If you need help implementing it properly or getting started- email us,
we’d be happy to help
(and PLEASE do not think your niece who lives on Facebook can do it for you!
Business Marketing is NOT playing on social media platforms)

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