Sometimes Conscious Capitalism Is Simply Unicorns & Rainbows


“A company can’t be a Conscious Capitalism company if the very top people in the organization aren’t completely committed to it and completely adamant about it.

It just can’t happen,” he says. “I think CEOs are really overrated in American business, but when it comes to this type of belief system, it doesn’t happen unless those top people have a strong culture in place.”

And sometimes many of the supposed “Great, New, Innovative,
Going to right all the wrongs business ideas” are just as “really over-rated” as
those above mentioned CEOs.

I was reading an article over at Inc about Conscious Capitalism and how wonderful
it was for a particular CEO & his company, and could not help but wonder what the reality was.
(yet his stock prices were all over the place)

No one seems to mention that in order for any of this to work, “Those in the lower ranks”
would also need to have a strong culture in place, since human nature is not
always geared to “doing the right thing” and entitlement usually becomes the status quo.

I know this because-not only am I old (by most standards) and have lived and worked
(for decades) with people on both sides of the economic and management/ownership fence-
but I have also been a student of people and people just DO NOT  “do the right thing”
on a regular basis and/or without compensation (bribery).
(show me anywhere where I am wrong-Please, I beseech you!)


My Disclaimer: Let me say First, that I am Totally  on board and “IN LOVE”
with the idea of 
Conscious Capitalism. I loathe greed and avarice as well
as selfish people that believe they are in this world for one reason only:

I think that business (capitalism) is the best & easiest way to make the
world a better place for everyone that you can, and have always lived
by that creed.

I have also, ALWAYS been an employer  who LOVED being in business  
and who loved (even more-if possible) being in a position to use my success
to bless
(or help out-if you feel safer with this) others who I come across
anywhere in my world.

No one but a controlling boor or a blind baboon would think that
treating employees badly is humane, much less “good for business”,
but going over board in the opposite direction can be just as bad.

Being someone who not only spent 20 years (from age 15 to 35) in the lower ranks,
(or “Not one of the Top people) working in places that treated employees like gold
while said employees became entitled and complacent, I believed that done
properly treating employees like stakeholders and owners would work to
everyone’s advantage.

Never saw it. At least, not anywhere I ever worked and certainly NOT
in my own businesses.

So, I find myself  Very skeptical of the so-called success of such an ideal.

I would like to see the mid to long range numbers on this,
to believe that it is a viable business strategy and not a “factor” on the
road to bankruptcy.

~Why were the company’s numbers roller coastering prior to going public?
~What are their numbers before employees knew about “going public”.
~What are they going to be when things settle down?
~Where else has this strategy been implemented and what were the outcomes?

The need for constant and “interesting” content creates a lot of interesting (read wild )
thoughts and ideas that get pushed out as credible ways to “do”  business, and
it is becoming harder and harder to wade through the fluff, nonsense, and unicorn dust
to get to the credible, valuable ideas that DO actually work in the real world.

Many businesses suck to work for and their owners ARE  jerks, but so are many employees
and some of these ideas are just “shake my head” fiction as far as viable working strategies
(at least for long term) in the real world

A bankrupt business is of no use to society, the economy, the business owner, his future,
or the laid off employees.

No one can say with a straight face, that management and some “corporate” creeds do not
need to be overhauled, but taking the focus off the purpose for being in business and placing
it on employees, instead of how to responsibly create a bottom line that serves the purpose of the
business as well as the needs of those involved is like tossing the baby out with the bathwater
because washing it involved it making the water dirty.

(Yes you read it right, it WAS a cliche. I LOVE them! I do not write to amuse or entertain,
I write to get valid information out and sometimes cliche’s are the
most expedient way of doing that)

When you have “Been there. Done that” and watched human nature triumph over good intentions
time and time again, you are wise to stand back, measure everything and just say

….show me the money BEFORE you implement major change simply because they sound
all warm and fuzzy.

After all, 

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