Increase Productivity With Employee Breaks

If you want to boost your business’s productivity, try encouraging your employees to step away from their desks every now and then. …Overall, more than one-quarter of workers don’t take a break other than for lunch.   Teaching your employees the importance of employee breaks, what constitutes a “quality” break and the importance of not …

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Build a Strong Sales Team

Healthy Cash Flow For Any Small Business Comes From Sales Build a Strong Sales Team & Have Great Cash Flow. Strong sales teams create most of what a small business needs to stay in business. Do Not underestimate this most important step in the creation of your basic small business platform.  #SmBizTips Like all other smart …

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The Top Go-To Presentations on Content Marketing in 2013

  Never leave your content marketing strategies to chance.  Here is a group of “Must Reads” already prepared for you to sit back and learn.   Click the link below to go watch the presentation on Slideshare. It’s totally worth it. The 25 Must-Read Content Marketing Presentations of 2013 from David Laubner

First Impressions Can Make Or Break The Job Interview

First Impressions Can Make Or Break The Job Interview   Learn what it takes to “Make It Great” …Your Interview First Impression. Please! Your interview- and maybe even your life- depends upon it. (Well maybe) First Impressions – Mashable Article These are some great tips. They may seem like common sense, but trust us here …

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Get Hired With A Better Resume

  Here is Sm Business Mastery’s ~ Get Hired’s response to an article on writing better resumes. The writer, Drake Baer, talks about the 5 Most Common Mistakes that we make on our resumes and how we could increase our chance to get hired if we were to follow the suggestions in the article. It …

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Still Think Your Small Business Doesn’t Need Social Media Marketing?

Still think your small business doesn’t need to use social media marketing to find customers? Here are just a few reasons why you may want to rethink that belief and even change it. Social Media Revolution – Stats from Video: 1.Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30-years-old 2.96% of them have joined …

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