Like A Boss?


Turns out, managing“Like a Boss” sometimes makes you
a boss, even if
you are NOT the Boss.



“Employee misclassification” has led to lawsuits against companies including Uber and FedEx— businesses that
rely on contract workers to fill customer demand without taking on the overhead of hiring full-time employees.


According to the Department of Labor, businesses must
apply the “economic realities” test when classifying a worker as an employee or an independent contractor. This test focuses on whether the worker is “economically dependent” on the company or “in business for him or herself.”



Lots of wonderful information in here for independent contractors as well
as the business owners who contract with them.


Number 5 is a perfect example of how to handle a top complaint of contractors. The “controlling” business owner who drives you crazy
trying to micro manage everything you do.

Whether they want complete approval over every action before you do it,
or just want to tell you
“How” to do it


From ending the financially foolish practice of turning
yourself into a
commodity by charging by the hour to being told what to do and how to do it, it all adds up to one great “Here’s the deal” statement


Just one of many reasons to offer a “controlling” client for

leaving you alone to do your job


If they micro manage you and want to approve everything
you do,
then the DOL (Department of Labor) will likely consider you an employee and they will then owe wages, healthcare insurance, vacation
and other assorted taxes
on you


If that doesn’t shut them up and have them leave you alone
…then they are truly too “__”  to be your client. Fire Them.




Full Story at Business Grow

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