It’s Your Customer Service NOT The Economy Stupid


“Your customer experience is WHY you are going out of business. NOT the economy “

That is the major take away from this great article by Carmine Gallo that I ran across on  It was written a couple of years ago, but since it is no less true today
than it was then, and then it was the absolute gospel, I just had to talk about it here.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are always complaining  about how hard it is to
make a business succeed, yet the answer-as with most things in life-is simple AND right in
front of their noses.

The Customer Experience, which is a more apt term for Customer Service, is terrible to non existent in almost every business we are exposed to. Everywhere, everyone complains about their own terrible experiences, but no one ever seems to make that all important connection.

The secret to small business success is…..wait for it…wait for it…

Find the right customers for your widget AND then make sure their experience with getting
that widget from your business is THE HAPPIEST EXPERIENCE ON EARTH for them.

They WILL not only come back for MORE of your widgets, BUT they will tell others who
need widgets to get them from you.

Now, what business owner wouldn’t think that was the Happiest News on Earth?

by Kymmberly Gail
Your “Master of Main Street”



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