How to Find Influencers In Your Small Business Niche





In addition to building your Google+ network and getting people to circle you, its also a good idea to work on engaging your niche influencers in hopes of them, someday, engaging you back or sharing your content with their audience.

How can you engage influencers if you don’t know who your influencers are?

This is a truly useful article and as timely today as it was the day it was written.

1) Take Note of the People Who Speak at Niche Conferences
2) Scour Amazon for Authors Who Are Writing Successful Niche Books
3) Look at Your Competitors Google+ Wall Activity to Identify Their Influencers
4) Use Google+ Ripples! (Exclamation Point!)
5) Look at Comments: Influential People Tend to Be Friends With Influential People
6) Use Twitter Follower Count Numbers as Intel




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