First Impressions Can Make Or Break The Job Interview


First Impressions Can Make Or Break The Job Interview


Learn what it takes to “Make It Great” …Your Interview First Impression. Please!

Your interview- and maybe even your life- depends upon it. (Well maybe)

First Impressions – Mashable Article

These are some great tips. They may seem like common sense, but trust us

here at Get Hired, common sense is NOT so common.

Even if you have heard them before…Pay Attention & Follow the advice.


We see adults

who slouch as their default sit position,

they shake hands with you like their hand was made of limp linguini

( and you have NO IDEA how easily that can RUIN a person’s opinion of you)

and who dress like their shirt came out of the bottom of their laundry basket

or even worse…has NOT SEEN a laundry room in the last 6 months.


Your smart bet if you are unemployed is to treat your job search as a job.

Get yourself an Interview outfit.  And only wear them for interviews.
No eating in it- EVER.  Mustard, ketchup and secret sauce stains do not belong at the interview,

Get a nice looking well fitting suit. Don’t overlook a nice shirt/blouse,
and SPOTLESSLY CLEAN pair of shoes that go with it


Practice speaking with a friend possible answers to questions so that
you are confident and do not use fillers. Pausing before you answer
to collect your thoughts is not only buying you time to avoid filler words,
but is also a great show of respect for the person who asked you question.

It says, “I consider your question important and want to make sure I give
you the correct answer”


Anyway, read the article and USE THE SUGGESTIONS. They really are good ones,
whether you have heard them before or not.
Here’s To Getting Hired,




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