Details Matter For Small Business StartUps

Details Matter For Small Business Startups


Just Do It!
Jump in with both feet.

Go For It!
Just Get Started. Worry about the details later.

You hear it all the time…. but should you follow it.
NO. A big resounding, NO.

Can I say it any louder?
Let’s try.

Yes it’s true, that the advice to just go for it is great advice
in regards to actually getting up off the pot
and doing something other than dreaming. Or wishing.

Or even worse…Whining.

whiners are wieners-rfk

You’ve heard the adage…
either “rid yourself of your excrement or get up off the toilet”,
and that is fantastic advice

But while getting started IS the first step, it is not quite that simple
or maybe a better way to say it is,
the first step is to Decide that Yes, I am Going to DO It, and do it NOW.

THEN you begin the other steps- working on the details,
which are just as important or you can FAIL.

And by fail I mean, lose a lot of time, money and energy
or even get your self sued and suffer financially for the rest of your life.

Don’t be stupid. Don’t be irresponsible. Don’t do this to yourself.

What should be one of the Best decisions you’ll ever make (and it really is)
can also be your worst nightmare if you Just jump in and Do It
and worry about the details later

Don’t let this frighten you.

Just like the other incredible things you have gifted your life with,
like falling in love, having children, traveling, getting your degree,
or even getting & staying healthy, it comes at a price and to do it right,
it takes TIME, effort and attention to details.

The details Matter. They ALWAYS do in anything important.

Don’t sweat the small stuff may sound good as a title of a book or a bumper sticker
but the premise is really only smart when dealing with the little things that others do
that could cause us to over react. Other than that, if you want strong solid “anything”
you had better sweat the small stuff…. it keeps you from having to sweat the Big stuff

Try building a house with a weak, shoddy, slapped together in haste,
or even missing, foundation. It won’t tolerate very much weight without crumbling.

Everything you build on top of it is wasted and will eventually be lost.
Why do that to yourself, your money, your future, or even your family or employees?

You owe it to yourself, to not waste your money or time.
You owe it to your Creator, to be a good steward of all He has gifted you with.
You owe it to your family and employees who are counting on you to do things right.
and finally,
You owe it to the world,  who needs intelligent generous people to help make it a better place

So, be smart. Be prudent. Use the wisdom of others.
Get a step by step guide, Use it and get those ducks in a row

Build your foundation well.

Make it strong and solid and it will hold up under almost anything
you want to build on it


To Your SmBiz Mastery & Success,
   Life & Business By The Book


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