Create A Vision & Save Your Company


A well thought out vision statement can be the difference between the bankruptcy of a billion dollar company and its unbridled success. “

Ford CEO Alan Mulally is credited with one of the greatest turnarounds in American business history.  And Steve Jobs is no slouch himself when it comes to “saving/creating a mega company”

According to Carmine Gallo At, both the Ford CEO Alan Mulally and Steve Jobs
of did just that.

They took companies that were sliding south, created a compelling vision, simplified it so
it was understandable to anyone who heard it, rewrote it so that it could fit onto the back
of a business card (and did)

The difference with these men and most companies is the vision is NOT just a word.
They believed it and were able to get everyone else at the company to also believe it

….and that is what made the difference between major success and utter failure.



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