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Increase Productivity With Employee Breaks


If you want to boost your business’s productivity, try encouraging your employees to step away from their desks every now and then.

…Overall, more than one-quarter of workers don’t take a break other than for lunch.



“It’s important that employees understand the value of taking a quality break,” said Tom Heisroth, senior vice president of commercial and enterprise sales for Staples Advantage. “Disconnecting, even for a short time, can increase their happiness, health and productivity.”


Kymmberly Gail
Master Of Main Street


Build a Strong Sales Team

Healthy Cash Flow For Any Small Business Comes From Sales


Build a Strong Sales Team & Have Great Cash Flow.

Strong sales teams create most of what a small business needs to stay in business.

Do Not underestimate this most important step in the creation of your basic small business platform.  #SmBizTips

Like all other smart business practices that #SmallBusiness needs to practice, team building-especially for your sales department- is probably THE most important aspect of staying in business
Without #sales you are out of business.


Kymmberly Gail 
Master Of Main Street
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The Top Go-To Presentations on Content Marketing in 2013


Never leave your content marketing strategies to chance.  Here is a group of “Must Reads” already prepared for you to sit back and learn.


Click the link below to go watch the presentation on Slideshare. It’s totally worth it.

The 25 Must-Read Content Marketing Presentations of 2013

from David Laubner

First Impressions Can Make Or Break The Job Interview


First Impressions Can Make Or Break The Job Interview


Learn what it takes to “Make It Great” …Your Interview First Impression. Please!

Your interview- and maybe even your life- depends upon it. (Well maybe)

First Impressions – Mashable Article

These are some great tips. They may seem like common sense, but trust us

here at Get Hired, common sense is NOT so common.

Even if you have heard them before…Pay Attention & Follow the advice.


We see adults

who slouch as their default sit position,

they shake hands with you like their hand was made of limp linguini

( and you have NO IDEA how easily that can RUIN a person’s opinion of you)

and who dress like their shirt came out of the bottom of their laundry basket

or even worse…has NOT SEEN a laundry room in the last 6 months.


Your smart bet if you are unemployed is to treat your job search as a job.

Get yourself an Interview outfit.  And only wear them for interviews.
No eating in it- EVER.  Mustard, ketchup and secret sauce stains do not belong at the interview,

Get a nice looking well fitting suit. Don’t overlook a nice shirt/blouse,
and SPOTLESSLY CLEAN pair of shoes that go with it


Practice speaking with a friend possible answers to questions so that
you are confident and do not use fillers. Pausing before you answer
to collect your thoughts is not only buying you time to avoid filler words,
but is also a great show of respect for the person who asked you question.

It says, “I consider your question important and want to make sure I give
you the correct answer”


Anyway, read the article and USE THE SUGGESTIONS. They really are good ones,
whether you have heard them before or not.
Here’s To Getting Hired,




Get Hired With A Better Resume



Here is Sm Business Mastery’s ~ Get Hired’s
response to an article on writing better resumes.
The writer, Drake Baer, talks about
the 5 Most Common Mistakes that we make
on our resumes and how we could increase our
chance to get hired if we were to follow the
suggestions in the article.

It was an interesting article, but I did not
necessarily agree with everything he said and
wanted to comment listing a couple of my own
thoughts below:

I agree with the basic premise of the article
as this is actually one of my own pet peeves.

There is way too much bloviating that goes on
in the business world. And I think that is
a major cause for the verbosity (I LOVE that word)
or the use of the tiresome cliches that Baer speaks
of in his article

I am a strong “bottom line” advocate and it irks me
to no end when hiring managers and/or company’s
compile an idiotic overwhelming list of unnecessary
qualifications for a simple job. I have seen
receptionist jobs requiring a BA in Business Admin.

Really??? A college degree for a receptionist? Why??

Not only is this overkill but it also leads to a foolish
and false notion that the job either requires more skills
than it will or pays more- both of which is going to eventually
and Unnecessarily create an unfavorable working environment
for the employee as well as the company.

What is more important- and is a subject for another day-
is the well trained business (hiring manager) who truly
KNOWS WHAT THEY NEED and the proper way to get it.

The vague cliche’s cluttering up a resume usually come about
because the average person seeking the job they are seeking
DID NOT have the actual skill set asked for in the job description
so they were unable to “carve out” and list it on their resume.
(nor is the skill set asked for always needed in order
for someone to do a fantastic job in that position-see above)
Example…someone who needs extensive sales experience
to get the job applied for, may have only worked in a
sales environment or in sales for a limited time and
may not have the impressive “I have worked in sales
for 10 years and met my quota every month
for the last 12/24/36 etc months” record, so they “go vague”.

While applicants that have followed most of the advice
in this post may help the hiring manager to weed more
quickly through that pile of resume’s -which may or may not
be a good thing- I fear it would more than likely limit
the truly “qualified” applicants and would possibly
hinder the company from finding “the best person for the job”

So, while you CAN get hired with a better resume,
what exactly makes up a better resume seems to be subjective.

Here is a link to the original article for you to read
and you can decide for self what you think.


Still Think Your Small Business Doesn’t Need Social Media Marketing?


Still think your small business doesn’t need to use social media marketing to find customers?
Here are just a few reasons why you may want to rethink that belief and even change it.
Social Media Revolution –

Stats from Video: 1.Over 50% of the world’s population is under 30-years-old 2.96% of them have joined a social network 3.Facebook tops Google for weekly traffic in the US 4.Social Media has overtaken porn as the #1 activity on the Web 5.1 out of 8 c…


Why Social Media Matters More Than Ever | SCORE Small Business 


A new study by Mass Relevance, reported in ClickZ, shows that more than half (59 percent) of customers prefer to do business with companies that integrate social media into their websites.  Today, if your company doesn’t have a website, prospective customers are likely to feel somewhat suspicious. “Is this a REAL business?” they’ll wonder. “Why can’t I find them online?” In the same way, participation in social media is becoming a marker of a business’s credibility.


What Five Experts have to Say About Measuring Social Media 


On the one hand, stakeholders need to know what they are getting out of social media, but on the other, we can’t allow either the analysts or the critics to mislead our clients, because at the very least, it makes everyone’s job harder and  what the right mix and story is for creating maximum value from that individual. Finding ways to do this is a much better way to determine the value of the social component in the larger messaging mix. Social media misconceptions 


Your customers ARE online and so is your competition….
what do you think is happening with that scenario?
Your competition is walking circles around you and it’s
time you and your business join the real world and get connected too

Your small business Needs social media marketing
to find customers and it needed it yesterday.

If you need help implementing it properly or getting started- email us,
we’d be happy to help
(and PLEASE do not think your niece who lives on Facebook can do it for you!
Business Marketing is NOT playing on social media platforms)

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