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Only Fools Step Over Dollars To Pick Up Nickels


One of the smartest lessons I ever learned in business
is to not step over dollars while you are picking up nickels.

There are way too many people who  don’t understand this principle
and consequently they waste (or lose) tons of money everyday.

It also creates an atmosphere of mediocrity, since the time suck of dealing with
“fluff & nonsense” as I like to call it- others use terms like  non productivity- only allows
for slow growth (if any) or even expensive mistakes and who needs any of that?

The good news is that with just a simple switch in their mindset, they can change
the habit and begin to garner success where once was only mediocrity

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It’s Your Customer Service NOT The Economy Stupid


“Your customer experience is WHY you are going out of business. NOT the economy “

That is the major take away from this great article by Carmine Gallo that I ran across on  It was written a couple of years ago, but since it is no less true today
than it was then, and then it was the absolute gospel, I just had to talk about it here.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are always complaining  about how hard it is to
make a business succeed, yet the answer-as with most things in life-is simple AND right in
front of their noses.

The Customer Experience, which is a more apt term for Customer Service, is terrible to non existent in almost every business we are exposed to. Everywhere, everyone complains about their own terrible experiences, but no one ever seems to make that all important connection.

The secret to small business success is…..wait for it…wait for it…

Find the right customers for your widget AND then make sure their experience with getting
that widget from your business is THE HAPPIEST EXPERIENCE ON EARTH for them.

They WILL not only come back for MORE of your widgets, BUT they will tell others who
need widgets to get them from you.

Now, what business owner wouldn’t think that was the Happiest News on Earth?

by Kymmberly Gail
Your “Master of Main Street”



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Cyber Insurance: Big Deal for Small Business



 At an estimated $1 billion to $2 billion, 2013 sales of cyber insurance were a fraction of the $1.1 trillion in total U.S. insurance premiums last year…with the number growing exponentially in the foreseeable future.

Though 2013 sales of cyber insurance were a whopping $1 billion to $2 billion[/inlinetweet],  that was still only
a fraction of the 
$1.1 trillion in total U.S. insurance premiums last year. 

While customer data security is very important for the small business owner, this insurance is still another in the long line of major expenses that every small business owner must incur.

Sadly, every small business owner will have no choice but to purchase cyberinsurance or face losing in the event of any major law suits. Not having it would be considered irresponsible and lack of affordability would not be an excuse.

Not so sure we should thank Clarity or hate them.  Time will tell.

The “Master of Main Street”


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The Cupcake Is NOT Dead


And so the great cupcake bubble of the 21st century has burst, taking with it the industry’s most prominent chain. New York-based Crumbs has closed all of its locations a week after NASDAQ suspended trading of the company’s stock. “


NO. The Cupcake Business IS NOT DEAD.

This is the simply the outcome of  2  very common, classic mistakes made by new business owners

1. Expanding too big too fast
(especially going public and taking on major problems -which is deserves an article of its own)

2. Expensive expansion based on a Fad or Trend

The former is seldom sustainable and the latter-almost NEVER.

The classic mistake made by many new business owners who see major success early on (especially when the success is predicated on media hype-as with the reality TV cupcake wars) is to begin to believe that if small is good, then BIGGER is even  better and they build themselves right out of business.

Without the major problems of doing business as a public entity or by the high daily overhead expenses
they created when they expanded they could easily have stayed in business for years.

Some business can and do make a killing on fads and trends, but major expansions based on such shaky ground never works.

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by Kymmberly Gail
The “Master of Main Street”


Startups Should Never Ignore Security Even If Money Is Tight









The to-do list for launching a new business is incredibly long and labor intensive.
Consequently, security tasks usually fall by the wayside for reasons like lack of funds, resources or know-how.

Don’t let this be you. You have problems enough without causing yourself more simply from lack of proper action.
Be wise and make security as important as your USP

Praise Achievement For Best Results




There’s a lot of debate over whether effort should be praised over achievement.Weblog Inc. suggests that both are importantand there’s an easy way to incorporate each into your feedback.

This is just NOT true and the fact that everyone praises it, is quite worrisome to the business owner in me, in need of future hires.
​Why does everyone jump on any little thing regardless of how silly, if it has a warm
​fuzzy sound to it?We are talking about people we PAY to do a job, not raising children.
​”If we say it just right, everyone wins, even the uh, losers”. ​
​Sounds nice, except when you live in that world everyone loses.
​And we won’t even get into the “fixed mindset” rubbish that ​says that
​People with a “fixed mindset” believe that their intelligence, ability, and
​skill are fixed from the moment they are born, and that only certain people
​are able to achieve good things
​Where do people GET this stuff??It is not even logical and has NO basis in facts.
​In studying child development and adult psychology for over 2 decades, never
​have I seen this “mindset” in anyone.
You acknowledge effort and you praise achievement.
​Never should effort receive the same response as achievement. Not even a variation of it. They are NOT even close in the game.
​Effort matters and should not be ignored. Acknowledge it and even offer
​encouragement if warranted, but never praise.
​BUT, ​Effort is ground zero.
​Effort is expected.
​Good strong solid effort is where everyone shows up to the starting line.
​Effort is where everyone takes their test paper and puts their name on it.
​Everyone starts with effort (or they will be fired or not hired. Duh)
​But in itself, it is really nothing. Because if a goal is to be attained but never is, the amount of effort put forth by “all” is of no importance. So, you acknowledge effort,
​access it, decide where it can be changed or revamped. Find out where it fell short and come up with a new plan. Then implement the new plan, hopefully until you “achieve”.
But achievement is achievement. Attaining what must be attained is the what matters in the end and it is what warrants praise.
​If we need food, or water and no one attains that, we all die regardless of how many
​”​tried their little hearts out”
​Not sure why every one is So afraid of reality and continues to spin a an unhealthy
​fear of failure. Failure is a necessary part of life. It serves us well and should never
​be eliminated from our bag of tools.
Children are not stupid and do not need to be raised with semantics. Of course, some adults who were, are now having problems, but it is they who need to re access their issues and understand that “try” and “DO” are not the same and while there is certainly no shame in failure, there should be no praise either.
by Kymmberly Gail
The “Master of Main Street”

Why You Should Skip Those Meetings


Just read a great article by Geoffrey James over at Inc. com with a few really good ideas
on how to “fix” the meeting problem.

It was a good articke, However…

As most of you know, I Loathe meetings. Almost ALL meetings.
I consider them the #1 loss of productivity in the business world, other than playing on the internet,
taking part in an office romance (or two) during office hours, or celebrating some birthday (or Happy Friday)
with grazing buffets set out all day long. But I digress.

99.9% of meetings are an absolute wastes of time (and energy), so whenever someone comes up
with good viable solutions for accomplishing their intent without having to attend one, I am ALL ears.

This article from #Inc has some pretty good ideas, but I think I could go one better.

Just have everyone do a short audio update and throw it up on google drive in a dated folder located within the project folder.

Now if everyone just spends 10 minutes (or less) writing down (not what to say) where they are in the project
or in their timeline of the project then audio the major points, “Voila”!! we have lift off
and it took very little time and everyone could get back to the other time wasting things they were enjoying
before they were rudely interrupted by work….just sayin


by Kymmberly Gail
The Master of Main Street


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End These 4 Killers of Productivity for a Better Bottom Line


1. Meeting Mania
2. Exhausting email
3. Internet Surfing
4. Tiresome Traveling
With #1 being the MOST waste of time EVER. More time is wasted
preparing for
traveling to (even if it is just walking down the hall)
waiting to start
nodding off during
yakking after
traveling from (back down the hall w/potty stops)
and trying to remember what you were working on before the meeting
and when it is all said and done, only about 2% of meetings even accomplish anything.So “the takeaway” is to obviously end the existence (or with email-at least seriously curb) these 4 culprits
and your can stop a whole lot of the “wasting” going on.

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How to Find Influencers In Your Small Business Niche





In addition to building your Google+ network and getting people to circle you, its also a good idea to work on engaging your niche influencers in hopes of them, someday, engaging you back or sharing your content with their audience.

How can you engage influencers if you don’t know who your influencers are?

This is a truly useful article and as timely today as it was the day it was written.

1) Take Note of the People Who Speak at Niche Conferences
2) Scour Amazon for Authors Who Are Writing Successful Niche Books
3) Look at Your Competitors Google+ Wall Activity to Identify Their Influencers
4) Use Google+ Ripples! (Exclamation Point!)
5) Look at Comments: Influential People Tend to Be Friends With Influential People
6) Use Twitter Follower Count Numbers as Intel




Kymmberly Gail
The Master Of Main Street

CMO Influence Growing In The Boardroom



The influence of the CMO in the boardroom is rising. CEOs are increasingly call on them for strategic input, to the extent that the CMO now comes second only to the CFO in the level of influence exerted on the CEO (see figure below).


Very useful, basic common sense information, that is certainly way past due. One can only guess at the profitability of the average company as actions based on this understanding make their way through to the C suites of businesses where the newer wiser practices used to be ignored by those who are clueless to the market.

Kymmberly Gail
Master Of Main Street

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