4 Stages of Social Media Marketing


Social Media as a marketing tool has passed the point of no return for business.

It is no longer a fad, a trend or a pile of fluff that you can just have your niece or some kid who
empties the trash cans in the office take care of, simply because they have an iPhone and 2 thumbs.

If you want your small business to Wow ’em on social media, then learn the 4 basic stages to a
solid social media marketing strategy and then learn what each stage entails in order to make it awesome.

But…First things first.

Before I reiterate the 4 stages (they are in the picture and you HAVE already seen them, after all)
let me give 3 “givens.”

Basic Givens” 

1. KNOW that you MUST have a written marketing strategy to survive in any business and that
social media is simply 1 piece of the pie (albeit a larger and larger piece)

2. This is just a very shallow overview. While it IS accurate & absolute- it does not go into the
detail that YOU MUST DO in each of the stages in order to
create a thorough and useful plan for each stage of your funnel or cycle.

3. Return on Investment is not always measured in dollars and days.  Some of the greatest
returns on investment are slow growing, like growing bamboo (look it up) or good parenting
(look that up too. Please!! ) but are in reality, PRICELESS!

So now, here is a recap of the 4 stages of social media marketing that I so delightfully digitized for you.

1. Know your voice. This would be who you are, what your brand, mission, and point of view is.
2. Know your goals. What do you want to accomplish with each campaign and for your company,
3. Know your plan. What actions do you need to take to accomplish the goals you want to achieve?
Then, what tactics go with the actions? The more precise the better.
4. Measure everything. And I mean everything. It is the only sure-fire way to know that you are spending your marketing        budget wisely….however,  never forget “Given 3”.

Now get busy…this is NOT a step you can skip or even do half-a$$. It’s major and your business will thank you.

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