Small Biz Need NOT Look To United For Inspiration


Everywhere you look, especially every social platform on the internet , you see something about United Airlines latest public relations fiasco. I have no desire to jump on that bandwagon here- like everyone else, I had enough fun with it on my personal page.  What I do want to talk about is their customer service …

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SmBiz Content Marketing Toolkit


Ever wonder where to begin when it comes to creating your content marketing? Do we focus on SEO, content creation, content curation, our website, or social media??? Well, thanks to Content Marketing Institute you now have the answer in the infographic below.   Major thanks to Content Marketing Institute for this infographic.    

Bad Economies Don’t Close Restaurants


Bad Economies Do Not Shut Down Most Restaurants.   Ovation Brands, the “newer” owners of most of the buffet restaurants in this country (Country Buffet, Old Country Buffet, Ryan’s, etc) announced the closing of approximately one fifth of their restaurants. As a small business consultant and coach who advocates for building solid foundations for all small …

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Details Matter For Small Business StartUps

Details Matter For Small Business Startups   Just Do It! Jump in with both feet. Go For It! Just Get Started. Worry about the details later. You hear it all the time…. but should you follow it. NO. A big resounding, NO. NO NO NO Can I say it any louder? Let’s try. Yes it’s …

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Like A Boss?

Turns out, managing“Like a Boss” sometimes makes you a boss, even if you are NOT the Boss.     “Employee misclassification” has led to lawsuits against companies including Uber and FedEx— businesses that rely on contract workers to fill customer demand without taking on the overhead of hiring full-time employees.   According to the Department …

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Social Media Productivity

 Courtesy of: Quick Sprout Many thanks to Neil Patel over at QuickSprout for being such a generous person to the online community.

4 Stages of Social Media Marketing


Social Media as a marketing tool has passed the point of no return for business. #SocialMedia as a #marketing tool has passed the point of no return for #business. Click To Tweet It is no longer a fad, a trend or a pile of fluff that you can just have your niece or some kid who …

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Sometimes Conscious Capitalism Is Simply Unicorns & Rainbows


“A company can’t be a Conscious Capitalism company if the very top people in the organization aren’t completely committed to it and completely adamant about it. It just can’t happen,” he says. “I think CEOs are really overrated in American business, but when it comes to this type of belief system, it doesn’t happen unless those top …

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Create A Vision & Save Your Company


   A well thought out vision statement can be the difference between the bankruptcy of a billion dollar company and its unbridled success. “ Ford CEO Alan Mulally is credited with one of the greatest turnarounds in American business history.  And Steve Jobs is no slouch himself when it comes to “saving/creating a mega company” …

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Christian Principles Make For Better Business

  In June, a federal court ruled that Hobby Lobby, the art-supply chain, could not be fined for refusing to offer its employees morning-after contraception coverage. Hobby Lobby is not alone in identifying itself as a Christian business. What about bigger questions, like how management treats and how much it pays its workers? Although this …

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